FooTube is no longer active.

Even though FooTube is no longer preforming live you can still watch some of their fantastic performance's below.

FooTube is a Foo Fighters tribute band from the Greater Sacramento area who entertain at an incredibly high performance level. It is as close to a Foo Fighters live concert as you can experience from a tribute band. FooTube’s sound and performance is unrivaled from any live band that you will encounter anywhere. Consisting of two members hailing from the east coast and two members representing the west coast making this an undeniable coast to coast ass kicking band. The bandmates share a single vision of performing Foo Fighters music. Their dedication and talent to execute music with great precision and passion led them to this incredible collaboration. Each member bring a unique element to the project. FooTube will undoubtedly fill any venue with the energy and sound of a Foo Fighters show. Combined the four members have many years of performing throughout the country. FooTube is excited and ready to bringing the finest Foo Fighters’ entertainment to Northern California venues and beyond.